Davos Briefing Book

The best thinking from Marsh & McLennan Companies prepared for the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting.

Marsh & McLennan has been a strategic partner and contributor to the World Economic Forum for nearly 15 years, reflecting MMC's journey of collaboration and participation in the event.


Briefing Book

Crypto-Assets and Blockchain Technology: On the Brink of Legitimacy?

Examining the challenges of crypto-assets and blockchain technologies.

  • Crypto-Assets and Blockchain Technology: On the Brink of Legitimacy?
    Since the inception of bitcoin and blockchain technologies, bitcoin has become a household name and has spawned hundreds of other crypto-assets.

    Marsh & McLennan, FireEye and Circle, each a leader in their respective industries, have collaborated to cut through the hype surrounding crypto-assets and blockchain technology. The goal of this white paper is simple—to frame key challenges that must be overcome if the promise of these emerging technologies is to be achieved.

    There is no better place to engage in this debate than at the World Economic Forum in Davos. Switzerland, long a global financial hub, has emerged as a clear leader in crypto-assets and blockchain technology. Just two months ago, the SIX Swiss Exchange authorized the first-ever exchange-traded crypto-asset product. The “Amun Crypto Basket Index” ETP invests its assets in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin, tracking the performance of the top five crypto-assets. Switzerland has also invested heavily in blockchain research and hosts the highly-regarded Crypto Valley Summit outside of Zurich.