Resource Security

The flow of society’s essentials — food, water, energy — is being increasingly disrupted as populations and incomes rise in emergent economies and climatic shifts deepen.

Consequences already visible include price volatility, intransigent barriers to growth, and escalating conflict. The Global Risk Center works to isolate the most salient resource risk factors, their interrelationships, and solutions with promise. This is an endeavor with multiple focal points, including infrastructure, technology, market structures, and logistics.

The accessibility and sustainability of our infrastructure in the future depends on making the right choices and investments now.

New Thinking

A time of transition.

The global energy sector is undergoing major transitions in response to emerging technologies and policies. One of the most important considerations for global energy leaders is building the resilient energy system of tomorrow.


World Energy Trilemma 2017

Three trends are shaping today's global energy system: decabonization, digitizatoin and decentalization. Global energy leaders in both the public and private sector must adapt to these trends in order to ensure energy security, accessibility and sustainability in the future. The 2017 World Energy Trilemma provides three recommendations for businesses and policy-makers on how to balance the trilemma in this changing environment.

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Evolving risks — and their impact.

The Road to Resilience series, a collaboration between Marsh & McLennan Companies, The World Energy Council, and Swiss Re Corporate Solutions, focuses on three critical emerging risks – extreme weather events, energy-water-food nexus and cyber risks – identified as key uncertainties for energy leaders.  This series of reports examines the evolution of these risks and their impact on energy infrastructure, and identifies measures to increase resilience of – and improve the financing conditions for – investment in energy infrastructure that is able to cope with these new challenges.