Our Brexit Insights


The UK’s vote to leave the European Union has created an uncertain environment in the UK, Europe and around the world. Our thinking and expertise can help businesses as they begin to consider next steps in risk, strategy, and people. As the implications of Brexit unfold, we hope you’ll return to this page for further, expanded insights.

“Our clients in the region need our guidance and solutions more than ever to navigate their changing landscape.”

— Dan Glaser, Marsh & McLennan President & CEO


The UK Chooses Brexit: Considerations for Companies

Drawing on perspectives from our operating companies, we look at three interrelated challenges that should be uppermost in the minds of company leaders now that the UK has chosen to leave the EU: the economic and political risk environment, corporate strategy imperatives, and workforce implications.

Brexit - Globe featuring Eurpope


Preparing for Brexit: Insurance without Passports

Marsh is helping the insurance industry prepare for the possibility of a post-Brexit world without passporting, which allows UK firms to sell products and services across the EU, offering clients the greatest breadth of insurance options. This webcast outlines solutions to insuring across borders without passporting, including a placement structure that works now.



Emerging UK Workforce Crisis

Even without Brexit, many UK businesses are already experiencing a tight labor market due to demographic shifts and the impact of automation and new technologies. With immigration likely to fall in a post-Brexit world, Mercer is helping companies think differently about how to solve the workforce crisis.


Marsh & McLennan Companies

Dan Glaser Op-Ed in the Financial Times: Post Brexit: Strengthening New York and London’s Bond

The August 30 edition of the Financial Times features an opinion editorial by Marsh and McLennan President and CEO Dan Glaser, who highlights the strategic relationship between New York and London. Glaser suggests that in the aftermath of the Brexit vote, as the United Kingdom redefines its ties with the European Union and looks to the future, London’s relationship with New York represents a potential model, and recommends bold action to spur increased trade and investment between the UK and the US. (Subscription required)


Oliver Wyman

The Impact of Brexit on the UK-Based Financial Services Sector

To help business leaders, policy-makers and observers anticipate and quantify exactly what Brexit might look like in terms of jobs, taxes, and revenue, Oliver Wyman, working with TheCityUK, has laid out two possible Brexit scenarios and calculates their potential impact on the financial services industry.



Life after Brexit: Managing the New Risk Environment

This infographic summarizes Brexit implications for insurance buyers and carriers. Insureds need to begin assessing which areas of their business could be affected and begin having discussions with their insurers and risk advisers, while the direction of exit negotiations could cause consequential stress on insurers’ capital positions.



Implications of Brexit for Investors

While investors may not need to take any immediate action solely as the result of the UK referendum, it will be important to think about the impact of the vote and any significant market moves on portfolios. This article discusses specific areas for investors to monitor, including investment governance arrangements and exposure to currency risks.



Insurance Implications Following the UK Vote to Leave the EU

The UK’s exit from the EU will affect a range of risk and insurance issues, and this piece urges companies to consider how they’ll address possible market volatility, material change in risk, people concerns, passporting changes, and shifting legal and regulatory environments.



UK’s EU Referendum: Retirement Implications

Market volatility, changing interest rates, and currency risk are all potential outcomes of the Brexit vote. As the terms of the exit become clear, pension scheme trustees and employers will be able to understand how to take action to address these and other retirement concerns.