One word sums up how we work with clients and how we treat each other: We are all Colleagues.

We are more than 60,000 uniquely skilled men and women — an organization of specialists. Everything we do depends on how well we harmonize our different businesses and talents. New colleagues feel the difference almost immediately. Visit any of our offices around the world, and you will meet people who enjoy being there and enjoy working with each other.

The breadth of our enterprise creates a steady stream of new opportunities and personal connections. With four global companies serving clients in over 130 countries, we offer absorbing challenges and a dynamic career environment for people in virtually any discipline. Colleagues enjoy mobility across business units and geographies — as well as the opportunity to move up. Many members of our senior leadership teams have worked at more than one of our companies.


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“If we don’t engage our colleagues and involve them in the direction of the firm, then we’ll lose them over time. We have smart people. Our greatest asset is the human beings who choose to give us their career. To me, that’s a social pact.”

— Dan Glaser, CEO

Working together is the heart of our culture. Just spend a few minutes with any of our colleagues, and you'll see that we’re building something special here.

We're a company that thrives on delivering the best — bringing together the smartest people to solve the most complex challenges facing businesses, governments, and society. Here's how we succeed:

What diversity & inclusion means to us.

We focus on bringing together the best people. We believe that who you are and where you come from are as much a contribution to us as your skills. We learn from each other. We are shaped by each other. We succeed together.

We seek talent regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, age, physical ability, or faith. Smart people shape our success.

We invest in people of promise. We recruit members of  diverse communities wherever we do business and actively support their careers with us.

In the United States, we go out of our way to recruit and support veterans of military service. They have demonstrated their ability to take on tough challenges.

We hire for character above all. Clients trust us to help them solve their most difficult problems. Every individual at Marsh & McLennan Companies has responsibility for our continued success.

The view from inside

Here is what Marsh & McLennan Companies people say when we ask:

Why did you join us?
The people. Career growth. Great clients. The chance to make a difference.

Why do you stay?
The work. The people. Making an impact.


More than a welcome.
A voice.

Marsh & McLennan Companies is a worldwide community, enriched by people who celebrate their own communities within it. Employee resource groups help make big companies like Marsh, Guy Carpenter, Mercer, and Oliver Wyman feel smaller. Members have a bigger voice and the help of senior people looking out for them. Over time, the mentees become mentors. These groups play multiple roles for their members and our organization. They:

  • Support advancement within Marsh & McLennan Companies
  • Advise management on key constituencies
  • Increase engagement in our communities around the world

There are resource groups for women; Asian, African-American, and Latinos colleagues; Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered colleagues; veterans; rising professionals; and the disability community.

Colleagues are treated with respect. Everyone has the opportunity to make an impact. We all contribute to making Marsh & McLennan Companies a special place.