Paul Simon

Senior Consultant, Oliver Wyman

Originally from France, but now Montreal-based, Paul is a senior consultant working across our operations, digital, and corporate finance practices. Here, he partners with private and public firms, to help them understand the potential and dynamics of their target markets to design bespoke solutions. Paul’s work blends client engagement and relationship management with data analysis. 

From health care operations and education, to aeronautics and waste management, Paul’s project involvement spans a broad breadth of industry sectors. 

I studied genetics as well as molecular and cell biology. This taught me that the mechanics of most complex systems are based on a network of individual units interacting with one another to achieve a larger goal. The analogy can be applied to the challenges large corporations face; understanding their individual moving parts and how these interact with one another is key to resolving the broader issue.

Most recently, Paul has been focusing on zero-based organization projects, which offer clients a blueprint for administrative cost optimization, helping them identify and capitalize on value.

My academic and professional work has always been based on the principles of experimental design; now I apply this technique to solving management consulting challenges. I remind myself to be wary of assumptions that are not backed by data, which could lead our work astray. Rather, I strive to define hypotheses early on and set off to test these with reliable data prior to shaping our recommendations.