Alex Wittenberg

Executive Director, Marsh & McLennan Advantage, Innovations

Alex Wittenberg has over 20 years of cross-industry experience in risk management advisory and risk transfer solutions. Alex specializes in integrating risk into strategic decision making and financial performance, designing risk governance for boards and management, and developing corporate risk monitoring, mitigation, and transfer frameworks.

Climate Change. Infrastructure Investment. Workforce of the Future. Health. Transformative Technologies. Cyber. The magnitude of these issues can be difficult to quantify as they inter-connect and cascade to create unexpected outcomes. They are agnostic to geography or industry or economic circumstance. And when translated into tangible business and public policy challenges, often seem insurmountable.”

For the past 4 years as the Executive Director of the Marsh & McLennan Advantage, Innovations team, we have worked to better understand the context, scale and development pathways for these long-term challenges and how they will impact the global economy and civil society.  My focus is on how corporations and governments can change their approach to better address resilience to these emerging, disruptive risks

Alex has spent over 28 years working with large corporates primarily in Energy, Heavy Industry, and Financial Services supporting clients in integrating risk into strategic decision-making and financial performance by developing risk mitigation, transfer and governance models.

As part of his role, Alex is responsible for BRINK, a news portal focused on risk, collaboratively produced by MMC and Atlantic 57, and is an editor of the Annual Oliver Wyman Risk Journal. He also manages MMC’s research partnerships with leading global organizations such as the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD); World Economic Forum (WEF); National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD); Association of Financial Professionals (AFP) and the World Energy Council (WEC).

In 2005 he became the Managing Partner of Oliver Wyman’s Corporate Risk practice in New York.  Previously he served as Managing Director and Practice Leader for Risk Finance, Risk Modelling, Financial Products and Captive Consulting at Marsh Canada Limited in Toronto.

Alex has been recognized as a leading governance expert by the NACD in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 as an NACD Directorship 100 honoree. Currently he serves as a member of the United Nations Advisory Board of the Global Assessment Report (GAR) on Disaster Risk Reduction and has been involved in the World Economic Forum’s Global Risk Report since its inception.  Alex graduated in Economics and Political Science from Western University in London, Ontario, Canada.