Patty Sung

Principal, Global Innovation Hub, Mercer

Patty is one of the founding members of Mercer’s Global Innovation Hub.  Her main responsibility is to focus on pioneering new ideas, identifying new opportunities, applying cutting edge technologies, and developing new markets with agility and speed to solve clients’ challenges. She has deep knowledge in the predictive hiring space and developed an innovative game-based assessment tool based on her patent on “Systems and Methods for Identifying Hidden Talent” to disrupt the talent acquisition space.  

She spent the past year focusing on longevity-related research and innovations while helping clients solve longevity challenges. Aspects of Patty’s work in this area resulted in a research paper, The Twin Threats of Aging and Automation.  Her recent area of focus is exploring opportunities to apply emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, conversational technologies, and virtual reality in HR.

Prior to joining Mercer’s Global Innovation Hub, Patty held various strategic roles within Mercer working with Executives Leaders, including Mercer’s former CEO, Career Business Leader, and the President of North America, on developing and executing global and firm-wide strategic initiatives and transformational plans.  She led the partnership between Mercer and the Global Agenda Council (GAC) for Education and Skills at the World Economic Forum in 2012-2014 and jointly authored and edited the Education and Skills 2.0: New Targets and Innovative Approaches with the GAC members.  She also spent 2 years in Singapore, helping expand Mercer’s business in Southeast Asia.

In addition to her consulting and strategy background, Patty also has extensive laboratory research experience and held various scientific research positions in academia as well as the Pharmaceutical and Biotech industry.

Patty graduated with a MA in Biotechnology from Columbia University and a BA in Biochemistry from the University of California, Berkeley.