Getting Integration Right in Consumer Goods M&A

M&A is a complicated process regardless of the type or size of an acquisition. Going in with eyes open and acknowledging that not all integrations are created equal is critical for success.

Consumer Goods companies have a long tradition of robust mergers & acquisitions activity. In general, this M&A activity falls into three distinct categories: acquisitions of scale, of scope, and of capability.

Many acquirers tend to make a crucial mistake in believing that each kind of M&A should be executed and integrated in the same way. The foundation for a successful M&A, however, is nuanced and depends on three key elements – process, people, and practice – that firms must be prepared to modulate to meet the specific conditions of a given merger & acquisition. In this report we explore the three types of consumer goods M&A, and how to best tailor the approach for your company.

In any M&A situation, the most important first step is to have a clear view on why you are undergoing the transaction and what benefits it will bring to your organization.


Getting Integration Right in Consumer Goods M&A