Delivering the Energy Workforce of the Future

Every day, industrial organizations are being bombarded with new challenges that can try the patience of company leadership. One day, commodity prices are up; then down. Another day brings – or so it seems – another spin off, merger, or acquisition. Every day, thousands of skilled workers are looking to leave the industry. And constantly, organizations are feeling the heat from numerous sources to move to new energy and technologies.

If only one of these situations has struck your organization, just wait. If two or more have arisen, you’re probably in the mainstream. That’s why Mercer keeps ahead of the latest trends and forecasts; so that your organization can also stay out front. The following case studies – based on recent real-life situations at a global oil and gas firm and a global player in chemicals – are intended to show that your organization is not alone in its challenges and that there are solutions that can make a significant positive impact on your bottom line.

In our recent paper, "DELIVERING THE ENERGY WORKFORCE OF THE FUTURE: THE VITAL ROLE OF ANALYTICS AND VISION,” Mercer and Oliver Wyman join together to show how two multinational corporations successfully reinvent themselves to take advantage of changing markets and new opportunities. One faces a tricky spinoff, merger, and full redesign, while the other organization undergoes a redesign to take advantage of the great energy transition.

Two significant takeaways from this article are that analytics are foundational to any change strategy, and a thoughtful, rigorous design is important to any significant change. Plus, the article lays out suggestions to help organizations move to the next step of transformational change.

Delivering the Energy Workforce of the Future