The 2018 Energy Trilemma

Within the energy sector, policymakers face the challenge of balancing energy security, access, and sustainability. Across the world, countries face this challenge in unique ways, and the energy sector is responding to the challenges and opportunities.

The 2018 Energy Trilemma ranks 125 countries on their performance in security, access, and sustainability, as well as overall Trilemma performance. In conjunction with the published report, the online Tool offers functionality in exploring the Index. Users can discover:

1) Individual country profiles: country Trilemma performance in the last three years, key energy statistics, and trends and outlooks for the country in the energy sector


2) Regional profiles: regional performance as well as summaries of trends and outlooks


3) Global maps: individual country performance – both overall and by dimension – either by quartile or grading (e.g., “A”)


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The 2018 Energy Trilemma