Good Governance for Critical Infrastructure Resilience

Policy options and governance models to promote resilience investments into critical infrastructure in a dynamic risk landscape.

The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development’s (OECD) Good Governance for Critical Infrastructure Resilience report analyzes pathways to bolster critical infrastructure resilience in an evolving risk landscape and provides governments with suggestions on a coherent approach to the issue. The report is based on a cross-country survey conducted by the OECD High-Level Risk forum. Marsh & McLennan is a strategic partner of the OECD’s High-Level Risk Forum and was involved throughout the project.

The OECD notes how national critical infrastructure resilience policies have shifted from solely focusing on asset protection to a more systems-based approach.  The report highlights Finland as a case study, where the government has partnered with critical infrastructure providers in electricity transmission and distribution.

These findings are distilled in a Policy Toolkit, which aims to help governments set a coherent agenda in this area, laying out policy options and governance models to promote up-front resilience investments.

A summary of the report and key lessons learned can also be found on BRINK on June 5, 2019 


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