Putting People First in the Automotive Industry

Change at Speed

Companies must have the ability to change, and change at speed. The world is constantly evolving and progressing forward. If an automotive business is not proactively embracing change—at the speed that change is occurring—it will be left behind.

Change, however, creates uncertainty in employees. Change impacts critical matters in life such as job security, financial health and the human need for an inspiring workplace and rewarding career. This is where leadership becomes imperative—by bringing certainty to times of uncertainty. Businesses that are able to provide employees with consistent, decisive and certain leadership are poised to thrive in times of change. In fact, the ability to change at speed becomes a differentiating organizational competency.

Working with Purpose

Employees remain loyal to companies they connect with in terms of values and culture. Typically, culture is driven by the leaders within an organization, and it is the responsibility of those leaders to clearly establish the values and purpose of the company.

Mercer’s study found that thriving employees are twice as likely to work for a company with a strong sense of purpose. Embedding a higher sense of purpose into the Employee Value Proposition unlocks individual potential and spurs employees to be change agents. Automotive companies can differentiate their brands from the competition by cultivating a workforce of engaged and inspired employees.