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Our insights draw on experts from across Marsh, Guy Carpenter, Mercer and Oliver Wyman, along with Marsh & McLennan’s Global Risk Center and its research partners around the world.

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Emerging Technologies

Understanding threats to transformative opportunity in an increasingly interconnected world.

  • Global Cyber Risk Perception Survey
    Marsh and Microsoft look at the state of cyber risk management at organizations around the world.

    Cyber risk is now at the forefront of the corporate risk agenda, but cyber risk management strategies are not keeping pace despite an increasingly complex threat environment and escalating potential financial impact. A new global survey of more than 1,300 executives, undertaken by Marsh in partnership with Microsoft, examines cyber risk concerns and management strategies by organizations of all sizes in a range of industries worldwide.

    Is your organization employing best practices for managing cyber risk? Benchmark your performance against our survey results.

  • MMC Cyber Risk Handbook 2018
    Expert perspectives on the next wave of cyber.

    Three characteristics mark the new phase of cyber risk and resilience. First, global cyber-crime has reached such a high level of sophistication that it represents a mature, though illicit, global business sector in its own right. Second, in an increasingly networked world, new potential exists for individual cyber-attacks to devastate critical business and operational processes. Third, institutions play an increasingly vital role to counter the global cyber threat.

    This report, compiled by Marsh & McLennan’s Global Risk Center, looks at the shifting cyber threat environment, emerging global regulatory trends and best practices in the journey to cyber resiliency. It features expert insights from business leaders across Marsh & McLennan and our notable collaborators.

  • Cyber: The Stakes Have Changed for the C-Suite
    In 2018, two emerging trends will complicate the cyber risk landscape even further: tough new regulations and frightening new vectors of attack.

    According to a report by Marsh & McLennan and FireEye, the stakes have changed for the C-suite when it comes to managing cyber risk. Three major cyber events in 2017 set new precedents for the scope and impact of damage wrought by cyber-attack in terms of geographic and industry reach, operational disruption and economic losses, as well as the destruction of market capital and reputation. Two trends are further complicating this new cyber reality. First, new regulations in Europe and elsewhere will require companies to undertake more rigorous security practices to protect data and systems. Second, attacks are growing increasingly destructive, threatening not just digital assets but property damage and bodily injury.

    This report discusses how executives and board members can better navigate the new cyber reality through targeted action in the areas of technology, workforce culture, industry-government partnership, and risk management governance.

  • The State of the Financial Services Industry 2018
    “Big tech” may be poised to capture an increasing share of customer attention and wallet from financial services incumbents.

    Who will close the customer value gap in Financial Services and reap the rewards? According to this report from Oliver Wyman, traditional financial services firms will need to accelerate customer value creation or risk conceding an increasing share of customer attention and wallet to other firms, primarily to “big tech.” While financial services incumbents have largely recovered towards relative health 10 years on from the financial crisis and conditions have improved significantly, there is a gnawing sense of concern regarding the prospects for future underlying industry growth.

  • Cyber Evolution: En Route to Strengthening Cyber Resilience in Asia-Pacific
    Examining the shifting cyber-threat landscape across Asia-Pacific.

    Knowing no boundaries, cyber incidents and data fraud and thefts that originate from North America or the European continent quickly impact the Asia-Pacific region, inflicting significant financial and personal data losses, as well as severe business interruptions. As trusted cyber advisors, FireEye and Marsh & McLennan Companies — each a leader in its own field — have collaborated to help organizations across Asia-Pacific build and strengthen their enterprise cyber resilience.

  • Just Say "Know" to InsurTech
    Fundamental aspects of insurance operations have all been influenced by the exponential rise of technology.

    InsurTech’s impact on the insurance industry is surging, reminding us of the influence that technological change and growth bring to the modern consumer, business landscapes and individual industries — the development of fintech within financial services being an example. To gain the advantages promised by insurtech, according to Guy Carpenter’s Claude Yoder, companies need to know the opportunities afforded; know their own strengths and capabilities for engagement; and know their clients’ needs and expectations.