Energy & Power Insurance Market Update

Focus on: Mass liability cliams management readiness in energy and power

We are pleased to provide you with our first energy and power insurance quarterly newsletter of 2020.

Our main feature looks at mass liability claims management readiness. From our work with insureds across the energy and power sectors, we have found inconsistent approaches to mass liability claims events.

While boards take comfort in reducing the likelihood of a disaster occurring or from purchasing insurance and other financial protections, too often they invest little in confronting and testing how to cope effectively when the worst actually does happen.

Regular features also included within the newsletter:

  • General State of the Market Overview
  • Recent Quotes
  • Market Movers / People in the News
  • New Products and Market Developments
  • Security Rating Changes
  • Legal Roundup
  • Demystifying Common Clauses: Extra Expense Coverage
  • Atlantic Named Windstorm Forecasts

Energy & Power Insurance Market Update