How Businesses can Overcome Barriers to Achieving Climate Goals

This webinar examines key plans and actions business are taking to address climate change

Presented by GreenBiz Group, this webinar examines key plans and actions businesses are taking to address climate change.

According to a recent survey of hundreds of business executives and thought leaders, many are taking the right steps to reach their goals. A range of factors, however, threatens to disrupt progress including a lack of attention to risk, developing consistent resilience and financial disclosures such as those recommended by the TCFD, and a general need for greater expertise.

Highlights from the discussion include:

  • 03:38: Review of climate and sustainability initiatives to ensure transparency
  • 05:20: Overview of climate change as a major global risk
  • 09:15: Overview of TCFD framework to address climate risk
  • 22:54: Examples of best practices for sustainability reporting and communication