Returning People To The Workplace Safely

As the economy begins to reopen, how confident are you in your organisation's readiness for bringing people back to work? In this free guide, Marsh's risk and safety professionals have drawn upon our extensive knowledge to identify immediate actions for your organisation to consider as you prepare, implement, and manage a return to on-site work.

What's in the Guide?

1. How Prepared Is Your Organisation?

Marsh’s assessment provides a list of considerations to help you evaluate your organisation's readiness for bringing people back to work. Your results will aid you in identifying and prioritising areas for development.

2. What Does Your Coronavirus-Era Workplace Look Like?

Whether you have questions about limiting capacity in your conference rooms, redesigning your workstations, or are weighing the benefit of split teams versus staggered shifts, Marsh offers several potential considerations for maintaining physical distancing in the workplace.

3. How Should You Be Screening?

Marsh will walk you through four steps to consider taking should your organisation choose to implement on-site screening at your organisation.

4. How to Care for Ill Employees?

The guide will help you spot issues as you develop policies and procedures to safeguard the health and wellbeing of your workforce while being considerate of an actual or suspected ill employee's privacy rights. Marsh will present options on what to do at the onset of symptoms and how to transition recovered employees back into the workforce.

5. How Do You Prepare Employees to Return to the Workplace?

Marsh offers tips on training and engagement to provide your employees with a clear understanding of your organisation's response and policies for maintaining a safe work environment, so they can return to the workplace with confidence.

6. How Clean Is Clean?

The report details considerations on how and when to clean and disinfect your workplace, infection prevention, and offer some suggestions for how to train and protect your cleaning personnel.

7. What New Safety Considerations Should Be Made?

Marsh’s safety professionals will aid you in identifying new hazards and updating your organisation's equipment safety plans, emergency action plan, incident reviews, and safety management system to maintain a strong safety culture.

Returning People To The Workplace Safely