COVID-19: Managing your pension risk

Managing your pension risks through the coronavirus pandemic

COVID-19 needs no introduction, but its implications for pension plans are likely to be significant and far-reaching. The world is adapting rapidly, dramatic policy measures are being introduced, asset prices are fluctuating, and levels of fear have escalated. The future presents great uncertainty, however careful planning and the right actions taken today could help you stay on the right trajectory for more robust outcomes for your members.   

Mercer’s latest paper Covid-19: Managing your pension risks provides an overview of the current landscape and key considerations that should be top of mind. Market scenarios described in the paper can be used as a planning tool, i.e., to allow you pre- think the practical aspects of how you will respond. The paper also sets out a range of actions to consider including gaining a deeper understanding of financing and cashflow needs, rebalancing and restructuring investment arrangements and managing, assessing and reacting to engage members and ensure optimal governance.

COVID-19: Managing your pension risk