Marsh & McLennan Companies Entities Covered by the BCRs

Last Updated: December 11, 2020

The Marsh and McLennan Companies’ Binding Corporate Rules (BCRs) are a means of transferring personal data internationally within the Marsh & McLennan Companies group in compliance with applicable data protection legislation in the European Economic Area (EEA). Our BCRs consist of both the Controller and Processor Standards. 

The BCRs ensure that all data transfers within the Marsh & McLennan Companies group are carried outin a legally compliant manner. In order to demonstrate that an entity will adhere to the BCRs, an Intra-group Agreement was executed. 

The list below includes all the entities that have signed the Intra-group Agreement and are bound by Marsh & McLennan Companies’ BCRs.






Marsh & McLennan Marsh & McLennan Companies BVBA/SPRL Belgium 22-Mar-18
  Marsh & McLennan Management Services (Bermuda) Ltd. Bermuda 5-Apr-19
  Marsh & McLennan Global Broking (Bermuda) Ltd. Bermuda 5-Apr-19
  Marsh & McLennan Agency A/S Denmark 2-Oct-17
  Marsh & McLennan Deutschland GmbH Germany 18-Nov-19
  Marsh & McLennan Companies Holdings (Luxembourg) S.a.r.l. Luxembourg 1-Mar-18
  Marsh & McLennan Companies Innovation Centre Holdings S.a.r.l. Luxembourg 1-Mar-18
  Marsh & McLennan Companies Finance Center (Luxembourg) S.a.r.l. Luxembourg 1-Mar-18
  Marsh & McLennan Europe S.a.r.l. Luxembourg 1-Mar-18
  Marsh & McLennan Companies Regional Holdings S.a.r.l. Luxembourg 1-Mar-18
  MMC France Holdings (Luxembourg) S.a.r.l. Luxembourg 1-Mar-18
  MMC Group services SP. Z.O.O. Poland 2-Oct-17
  MMC UK Group Limited UK 22-May-18
  Marsh & McLennan Agency LLC US 6-May-19
  Marsh & McLennan Agency LLC US 6-May-19
  MMA Securities LLC US 6-May-19
  Victor Insurance Holdings Inc. US 7-May-19
  Victor 0. Schinnerer & Co. US 7-May-19
Marsh  Marsh Austria GmbH  Austria 10-Oct-17
  Marsh Management Services (Barbados) Limited Barbados 10-Apr-19
  Marsh Corporate Services (Barbados) Limited Barbados 10-Apr-19
  Belgibo NV Belgium 12-Sep-19
  Marsh S.A./N.V Belgium 22-Mar-18
  Marsh Europe S.A Belgium 5-Oct-17
  Aldgate Investment Ltd Bermuda 5-Apr-19
  Bowring (Bermuda) Investment Ltd.  Bermuda 5-Apr-19
  Bowring Marsh (Bermuda) Ltd. Bermuda 5-Apr-19
  Gem Insurance Company Limited Bermuda 5-Apr-19
  Johnson & Higgings (Bermuda) Ltd. Bermuda 5-Apr-19
  Normandy Reinsurance Company Limited Bermuda 5-Apr-19
  Marsh Management Services (Bermuda) Ltd Bermuda 5-Apr-19
  Victor Insurance Bermuda Ltd. Bermuda 5-Apr-19
  Marsh EOOD Bulgaria 15-Mar-18
  Marsh Canada Limited Canada 11-Apr-19
  Endon Group Inc. Canada 12-Apr-19
  Marsh Management Services (Cayman) Ltd. Cayman 5-Apr-19
  Marsh s.r.o. Czech Republic 4-Apr-18
  Marsh A/S Denmark 2-Oct-17
  Marsh Kindlustusmaakler AS Estonia 7-Mar-18
  Marsh OY Finland 24-May-18
  Marsh SAS France 20-Mar-18
  Marsh Medical Consulting GmbH Germany 16-Oct-17
  Marsh GmbH Germany 16-Oct-17
  Victor Deutschland GmbH Germany 24-Jun-19
  Marsh LLC Insurance Brokers Greece 15-May-18
  Marsh Management Services Guernsey Limited Guernsey 3-Mar-19
  Marsh Kft. Hungary 12-Mar-18
  Marsh Employee Benefits Limited Ireland 22-May-18
  Marsh Ireland Brokers Limited Ireland 20-Nov-18
  Marsh S.p.A. Italy 16-Apr-18
  Marsh Risk Consulting Services S.r.l. Italy 16-Apr-18
  Marsh Japan, Inc. Japan 31-Oct-18
  Marsh SIA Latvia 15-Mar-18
  Marsh Lietuva UADBB Lithuania 9-Mar-18
  Marsh Management Services Luxembourg S.a.r.l. Luxembourg 9-Mar-18
  Marsh SA Luxembourg 9-Mar-18
  Marsh Management Services Labuan Limited Malaysia 28-Jun-19
  Marsh Corporate Services Malta Limited Malta 12-Oct-17
  Marsh Management Services Malta Limited Malta 8-May-19
  Mangrove Insurance Europe PCC Limited Malta 16-Apr-19
  Marsh B.V. Netherlands 8-Mar-18
  R. Mees & Zoonen Assuradeuren B.V. Netherlands 8-Mar-18
  Victor Insurance Europe B.V. Netherlands 3-Jun-19
  Marsh AS Norway 13-Oct-17
  Marsh Spolka z.o.o. Poland 13-Oct-17
  Marsh Services Sp. z.o.o. Poland 13-Oct-17
  Marsh Lda. Poland 9-Mar-18
  Marsh Management Services (Dublin) Limited Republic of Ireland 8-Apr-19
  Marsh Broker de Asigurare-Reasigurare S.R.L. Romania 15-Mar-18
  Marsh Management Services Singapore Pte Ltd Singapore 28-Jun-19
  Sedgwick Management Services (Singapore) Pte Ltd Singapore 28-Jun-19
  Marsh Europe - organizacná zlocka Slovensko Slovakia 4-Apr-18
  Marsh Risk Consulting, S.L. Spain 12-Feb-18
  Marsh, S.A. Mediadores de Seguros Spain 12-Feb-18
  Marsh AB Sweden 11-Oct-17
  Marsh Marine & Energy AB Sweden 24-May-18
  Marsh Management Services Sweden AB Sweden 10-Apr-19
  Marsh AG Switzerland 13-Aug-18
  Marsh Corporate Services MENA Limited (MMS MENA LTD) United Arab Emirates 13-Jun-19
  Marsh Management Services Isle of Man Limited UK 12-Jul-19
  Marsh Management Services Isle of Man Limited UK 27-Jun-19
  Marsh Corporate Services Ltd UK 28-Mar-18
  Marsh Services Limited UK 28-Mar-18
  Central Insurance Services Limited UK 21-Mar-18
  Hamilton Bond Limited UK 21-Mar-18
  Marsh Ltd UK 4-Apr-18
  Jelf Wellbeing Limited UK 12-Mar-18
  Jelf Insurance Brokers Limited UK 12-Mar-18
  Jelf Risk Management Limited UK 12-Mar-18
  Jelf Commercial Finance Limited UK 12-Mar-18
  Jelf Financial Planning Limited UK 26-Apr-18
  The Purple Partnership Limited UK 12-Mar-18
  Northern Alliance Brokers Limited UK 12-Mar-18
  SMEI Insurance Services Limited UK 12-Mar-18
  Bluefin Insurance Services Limited UK 12-Mar-18
  BBPS Limited UK 12-Mar-18
  Mangrove Insurance Solutions PCC Limited UK 14-Aug-19
  Mangrove Insurance Solutions, PCC US 24-Jun-19
  Marsh Management Services Inc. US 7-May-19
  Marsh Management Services (USVI) Ltd US 7-May-19
  Marsh LLC US 3-Apr-19
  Marsh USA Inc. US 3-Apr-19
  Marsh USA (India) Inc. US 1-May-19
  Marsh JCS Inc. US 1-May-19
Mercer Mercer (Austria) GmbH Austria 2-Feb-18
  Mercer (Belgium) NV Belgium 3-Oct-17
  Mercer (Canada) Limited Canada 15-Nov-18
  Mercer (Denmark) A/S Denmark 8-Mar-18
  Mercer Pensionsraadgivning A/S Denmark 8-Mar-18
  Mercer (Finland) OY Finland 8-Mar-18
  Ever BE France 4-Apr-19
  Mercer Consulting France 9-Oct-17
  Mercer (France) SAS France 10-Oct-17
  Mercer Deutschland GmbH Germany 15-Feb-18
  Mercer Treuhand GmbH Germany 15-Feb-18
  realright GmbH Germany 15-Feb-18
  Promerit Aktiengesellschaft Germany 15-Feb-18
  Mercer Pensionsfonds AG Germany 15-Feb-18
  Promerit Hungary Kft. Hungary 29-May-18
  Mercer Consulting (India) Private Limited India 11-May-18
  Mercer Ireland Limited Ireland 4-Oct-17
  Mercer Financial Services Limited Ireland 4-Oct-17
  Mercer Ireland Holdings Limited Ireland 4-Oct-17
  Mercer Global Investments Management Limited Ireland 25-May-18
  Mercer Global Investments Europe Limited Ireland 4-Oct-17
  Mercer Italia S.r.l. Italy 12-Mar-18
  Mercer Consulting B.V. Netherlands 31-Oct-17
  Mercer (Nederland) B.V. Netherlands 3-Oct-17
  Mercer Oliver Wyman Holding B.V. Netherlands 15-Feb-18
  Mercer (Norge) AS Norway 8-Mar-18
  Mercer Philippines, Inc. Philippines 19-Feb-19
  Mercer (Poland) SP. Z o. o Poland 15-Feb-18
  Mercer Services (Polska) Sp.z o.o. Poland 15-Feb-18
  Mercer (Portugal) Lda Portugal 12-Mar-18
  Mercer Employee Benefits Lda. Portugal 12-Mar-18
  Mercer Career Benefits Unipessoal Lda Portugal 12-Mar-18
  Thomsons Online Benefits S.R.L Romania Romania 15-May-18
  Thomsons Online Benefits Pte Ltd Singapore 21-May-18
  Mercer Consulting, S.L.U. Spain 12-Feb-18
  Mercer Outsourcing, S.L.U. Spain 12-Feb-18
  Mercer (Sweden) AB Sweden 8-Mar-18
  Mercer Schweiz AG Switzerland 12-Feb-18
  Mercer Sigorta Brokerligi AS Turkey 3-Oct-18
  Mercer Danışmanlık A.Ş. Turkey 1-Nov-19
  Mercer Technology Acquisitions Limited UK 2-May-18
  Mercer Ltd UK 27-Feb-18
  Thomsons Online Benefits Limited UK 21-Mar-18
  Mercer Employee Benefits Limited UK 27-Feb-18
  Mercer Consulting Limited UK 27-Feb-18
  Mercer Trustees Limited UK 26-Apr-18
  PFT Limited UK 5-May-18
  Pension Trustees Limited UK 27-Feb-18
  English Pension Trustees Limited UK 27-Feb-18
  The Benefit Express Limited UK 21-May-18
  The Benefit Express Holdings Limited UK 21-May-18
  Online Benefits Limited UK 21-May-18
  TBX Solutions Ltd UK 21-May-18
  Settlement Trustees Limited UK 27-Feb-18
  Sedgwick Financial Services Limited UK 27-Feb-18
  Sedgwick Noble Lowndes Limited UK 27-Feb-18
  Sedgwick Ulster Pension Trustees Limited UK 27-Feb-18
  Sedgwick Trustees Limited UK 27-Feb-18
  Sedgwick Noble Lowndes (UK) Limited UK 27-Feb-18
  Sedgwick Noble Lowndes Group Limited UK 27-Feb-18
  Mercer US US 19-Jul-18
  Thomsons Online Benefits Inc. US 17-May-18
  Mercer │Sirota (Mercer(US) Inc.) US 17-May-18
Oliver Wyman  Oliver Wyman (Bermuda) Limited Bermuda 5-Apr-19
  Oliver Wyman SAS France 11-Oct-17
  Oliver Wyman SNC France 11-Oct-17
  Nera SAS France 17-May-18
  Oliver Wyman GmbH Germany 11-Oct-17
  Nera Srl Italy 18-Apr-18
  Oliver Wyman S.r.l. Italy 9-Mar-18
  Oliver Wyman B.V. Netherlands 11-Oct-17
  Oliver Wyman sp. z.o.o. Poland 11-Oct-17
  National Economic Research Associates, Inc., Sucursal en España Spain 18-Apr-18
  Oliver Wyman S.L. Spain 11-Oct-17
  Oliver Wyman AB Sweden 2-Feb-18
  Oliver Wyman AG Switzerland 11-Oct-17
  Oliver Wyman Ltd UK 25-May-18
  Nera UK Limited UK 31-Jul-18
  Oliver Wyman Inc. US 11-Oct-17
  National Economic Research Associates, Inc. US 29-May-18
Guy Carpenter Guy Carpenter & Company, S.A. Belgium 19-Oct-17
  Guy Carpenter & Company, S.A. France 19-Oct-17
  Guy Carpenter & Company, GmbH Germany 19-Oct-17
  Guy Carpenter & Company, S.r.l. Italy 19-Oct-17
  Branch of Guy Carpenter & Cia., S.A. Portugal 16-Feb-18
  Guy Carpenter & Cia, S.A. Spain 1-Jan-18
  Guy Carpenter & Company, AB Sweden 19-Oct-17
  Guy Carpenter & Co. Ltd UK 28-Mar-18
  Guy Carpenter & Company LLC US 19-Oct-17
JLT OWL Marine Verwaltungs GmbH Germany 5-Dec-19
  OWL Marine Insurance-Brokers Germany 28-Nov-19
  Jardine Lloyd Thompson India Private India 23-Sep-19
  International Loss Control Services Limited Ireland 12-Sep-19
  JLT Insurance Brokers Ireland Limited Ireland 12-Sep-19
  JLT Management Services Limited UK 22-Oct-19
  JLT Financial Planning Ltd Ireland 30-Jan-20
  JLT QFM Services Limited Ireland 30-Jan-20