• Turning uncertainty into growth

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  • Building more resilient societies

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  • Enhancing health and wealth around the world

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  • Realizing the promise of emerging technologies

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  • Marsh & McLennan Companies helps clients identify new opportunities by addressing the full range of risks, facilitating capital flows, and overcoming barriers to investment.

    • Political Risk

      Marsh is facilitating capital flows to emerging economies by showing investors how they can protect themselves from political upheaval, violence, and default, so infrastructure and commerce can bloom in regions where enterprise is needed most.

    • Terror

      Guy Carpenter is helping insurers assess terrorism risks with the latest tools and techniques to generate realistic models of potential damage so coverage keeps up with an evolving threat.

    • Workforce

      Mercer is developing powerful new analytic tools that enable business leaders to predict what and where skills will be needed — and how to develop or find the required talent — as their organizations expand and enter new arenas.

    • Urbanization

      Sustainability experts at Oliver Wyman are designing strategies to help new megacities around the world meet unprecedented demand for infrastructure and develop logistics solutions to support ever-greater flows of food, freight, water, and waste.

    • M&A

      Mercer is helping cross-border mergers and acquisitions generate returns sooner by resolving complex cultural, operational, and regulatory issues.

  • Marsh & McLennan Companies collaborates with global industries, NGOs and governments to identify shared risks, preserve critical resources, and advise on long-term investments.

    • Shared Solutions

      Marsh is helping business leaders and public officials explore shared solutions to shared climate risks to power, transportation, and communications. The logic is simple: business continuity is community continuity.

    • Impact Investing

      Mercer is advising institutional investors how to incorporate environmental, social, and corporate governance factors into their investment decisions so portfolios reflect organizational and societal values as well as market value.

    • Capital

      Securities experts at Guy Carpenter are pioneering the use of catastrophe bonds that spread the economic impact of natural disasters among investors as well as insurers, increasing resilience in affected areas while lowering coverage costs.

    • Energy

      Energy experts at Oliver Wyman are working with the World Energy Council to identify common needs of both producers and governments. The result is a remarkable consensus on a transformation agenda for sustainable energy.

    • Cities

      Environmental risk specialists at Marsh are accelerating the reclamation and redevelopment of urban brownfields, helping cities transform derelict industrial sites into high-value locations and hubs for employment.

  • Marsh & McLennan Companies helps clients manage the world’s most important resource, people, by improving healthcare outcomes and long-term financial security.

    • Exchanges

      Mercer is creating flexible private health insurance exchanges that give US employees and employers greater choice and more flexible coverage while reducing complexity and cost.

    • World Health

      Experts at Oliver Wyman are helping global health organizations analyze supply and demand for critical vaccines and map the most efficient distribution strategies to protect populations in every corner of the developing world.

    • Workplace Safety

      Marsh Risk Consulting is improving job safety for millions of workers by helping employers benchmark progress towards health and safety goals across their operations around the world, including the performance of supply chain partners.

    • Innovation

      Guy Carpenter is developing advanced analytics to help insurers prepare for the risks that their customers fear most and designing innovative products that enable them to grow profitably and confidently in the face of uncertainty.

    • Outcomes

      Marsh is helping hospitals and healthcare providers create safer patient environments to improve outcomes while reducing the number and severity of malpractice claims.

  • Marsh & McLennan Companies helps clients identify increasingly interconnected risks and implement enterprise solutions to make technology secure and productive.

    • Volatility

      Guy Carpenter experts are helping clients make sense of cyber portfolio volatility, structuring reinsurance solutions that provide them with adequate protection as this threat continues to emerge.

    • Cyber Risk

      Oliver Wyman is helping clients evolve from today's untenable “IT fortress” approach to cyber security to a cost-benefit approach that manages cyber risks like other operational risks, factors them into strategic decision-making, and uses forward-looking scenario analysis rather than historical data.

    • Threat Modeling

      Marsh innovated to develop a new analytic tool that enables organizations to predict the likelihood of data breaches and their costs, including forensic investigation, lawsuits, and fines. Company-specific inputs help users model potential threats with confidence.

    • Transactions

      Marsh is analyzing cyber attacks in the retail industry to help merchants, banks, insurers, and regulators get together on better protections for consumers and the economy.

    • Agility

      Oliver Wyman is helping clients reduce the complexity of technology systems and processes in large organizations. By going “back to the future,” our clients discover their operations are more nimble and more robust.

The Global Risks Report 2018, produced by the World Economic Forum in partnership with Marsh & McLennan and others, evaluates the major threats facing the world over the next decade. The report also helps set the agenda for the Forum’s Annual Meeting.

Watch Marsh’s President of Global Risk and Digital, John Drzik, discuss highlights and key takeaways for businesses from this year’s Global Risks Report.



In the fourth quarter, Marsh & McLennan produced underlying revenue growth across its four operating companies. For the full year, the company delivered underlying revenue growth, margin expansion in both segments, and strong growth in adjusted earnings per share. Operating income increased 8% on a consolidated basis for the quarter, while adjusted operating income rose 12%. EPS declined to $0.06. Adjusted EPS increased 18% to $1.05.