Highlights and Insights from the Infrastructure Risk Management Forum Saudi Arabia

An overview of the key themes discussed at the Infrastructure Risk Management Forum in Saudi Arabia

In its sixth year, the Infrastructure Risk Management Forum addressed the risks and rewards associated with the investment, development and subsequent operation of new infrastructure projects. The forum also discussed a myriad of other topics, ranging from balance sheet protection as well as renewables and sustainability development opportunities.

The forum examined the challenges facing Saudi Arabia’s growth, the increasing importance of infrastructure investment, and how companies can manage economic and development risks to maintain financial stability in the coming years.

Key topics discussed included:

  • The challenges and opportunities of private public partnerships (PPPs) in Saudi Arabia
  • The transition to a renewable energy mix in the country
  • The diversification of Saudi Arabia’s economy and what this will mean for businesses and investors
  • Saudi Arabia and the MENA region’s insurance market conditions

The forum included expert speakers from across risk, insurance and those involved in the investment, development and operationalisation of infrastructure and was attended by over 180 guests from across the Kingdom.

You can watch a brief video of the highlights of the forum here.