Health is Vital to Wealth: How Companies Can Support the Health of an Aging Workforce

Five things employers can do to keep their older workforce healthy and engaged

Health is Vital to Wealth looks into how companies can support the health of an aging workforce.

With increasing life expectancies around the around the world, the customary retirement age is becoming a thing of the past. People are expecting to work well past traditional retirement age – whether to cover living expenses or to maintain a sense of purpose and meaning in later years. What’s more, companies are going to need these older employees to meet talent shortages and to share their unique combination of knowledge, skills and experience. Since older workers will be a key part of the workforce in the decades to come, they must safeguard their most important asset – their health.

Health is particularly important when relying on staying healthy to work as long as necessary – and when it comes to enjoying a desired quality of life in later years
Renée McGowan, CEO, Asia, Mercer
  • 60% say they are at least somewhat stressed about their financial situation
  • 40% say their health causes them financial stress
  • Individuals ranked being in good health number 1 for a good lifestyle in retirement
  • Business leaders, by contrast, ranked personal savings as most important and ranked health much lower (in fifth place)

Health is vital to Wealth is the latest report in Mercer’s Healthy, Wealthy and Work-Wise initiative.

Healthy, Wealthy and Work-Wise aims to equip all decision makers – governments, employers and individuals – with the insights, data and technology-driven solutions needed to create personalized plans and benefits to meet all employee’s needs. The initiative brings together experts to help people around the world live the life they want to today and secure the quality of life they desire tomorrow. 

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